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High Speed Spring Return Pneumatic Actuator

High Speed Spring Return Pneumatic Actuator

AOX-P series rack & pinion pneumatic actuators have high quality and long life-cycle to meet the valve automation market.

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AOX-P series rack & pinion pneumatic actuators have high quality and long life-cycle to meet the valve automation market.


1. Rack & Pinion design.

The Rack & pinion and the two pistons are designed in symmetric structure to perform stably and rapidly with high accuracy and high power output.

2. Integrated design.

Integrated design is adopted. All type of single acting actuators and double acting actuators are  provided with same cylinder body and end cap. The acting module could be easily changed by installing or demounting springs.

3. Travel Stops.

The two sole adjusting screws at the side surface of the actuator which has been already installed  on the valve could make the adjustment of location of the valve opening and closing more convenient and accurate.

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1. We have professional R&D team, have standard development process. We know that product R&D  is an important part of determining product quality.


2. We have a complete product quality inspection system to ensure that our products meet the requirements  at every manufacturing stage.


3. Have batch code for each relay, Has a good traceability.



We are always ready for providing the sample and producing some small orders, in order to meet  the business well. We are always ready to hear from you.

Q : How long is the sample time of the slipper?

A :The regular products we all have in stock, if it is specially customized it takes about 3-5  days.

Q:Can I get a sample before the order because I really don't how is your actuator quality?

A:Of course! We also think sample order is the best way to build the  trust.

Q:How's the delivery?Because I really need them is urgently?

A:For sample order 3~7days will be no problem.And for regular order  we promise in 15 days.


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