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Where are the obstacles to the development of intelligent electric actuators

- Aug 02, 2018 -

With the development of technology, intelligent explosion-proof electric actuators are used more and more widely today, and they are favored by many enterprises because of their intelligence. However, the development of this type of product is becoming more and more difficult and the price is still high, which has always been a problem in the industry. So what is the reason for the development of intelligent explosion-proof electric actuators?

Summarize the reasons for the intelligent explosion-proof electric actuators by the following points:

1. Because the volume of the intelligent explosion-proof electric actuator needs to be very large, and the large volume will make the force generated during the explosion very large, the structure of this type of actuator is difficult to break through in the research and development.

2. The shape of the actuator flameproof membrane is difficult to rule, and the aperture is very small, and pressure overlap occurs during the explosion.

3. There are many parts designed for explosion-proof, and the process is very complicated in the main processing flow.

4. Intelligent explosion-proof electric actuators have a large number of terminals and a large number of batteries, which is very troublesome in wiring.

The above points are the main reasons for the difficulty in research and development of intelligent explosion-proof electric actuators, the low production volume and high prices.

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