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What are the scope of use of fine electric actuators

- Aug 02, 2018 -

Fine electric actuators I have been a popular executive control mechanism in the market in recent years. It is a kind of equipment that can meet the safety and reliable operation of thermal power units. At present, the total multi-enterprise in China basically replaces the traditional actuators. .

Talking about the relationship between small electric actuator and valve

We know that the actuator is the most important control device for valve products, so its requirements for small and small electric actuators are very demanding. In the past, many users used imported products. This is mainly because imported actuators are basically intelligent, very simple in structure, fast in transmission speed, capable of long-distance transmission, and simple debugging.

With the start of China's industry, some enterprises began to focus on the research and development and construction of their own brands. So far, most of China's fine electric actuators are mostly domestically produced, and they have been used in many places. It can be seen that the development of small electric actuators in China is very rapid.

The small-sized electric actuators are widely used in most industrial automation control systems and are an indispensable actuator in industrial automation control.

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