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What are the main points of electric actuator purchase

- Aug 02, 2018 -

Electric actuator purchase should pay attention to the problem:

1. According to the selected electric actuator, the electrical parameters are different due to different electrical parameters of the electric actuator manufacturer. Therefore, the electrical parameters must be determined during the design selection, mainly the motor power, rated current, and secondary control loop voltage. Etc., often in this aspect of negligence, the result of the control system and electric actuator parameters do not match the work time and space open trip, fuse blow, thermal overload relay protection take-off and other faults.

2. Determine the output torque of the electric actuator according to the torque required by the valve. The torque required to open and close the valve determines the output torque of the electric actuator. It is usually proposed by the user or the valve manufacturer can choose it as the actuator manufacturer. It is only responsible for the output torque of the actuator. The torque required for the normal opening and closing of the valve is determined by the valve diameter and working pressure. However, due to the difference in machining accuracy and assembly process of the valve manufacturer, the same specification valve produced by different manufacturers The torque needs to be different. Even the torque of the same specification valve produced by the same valve manufacturer is different. When the torque selection of the actuator is too small, the valve cannot be normally opened and closed. Therefore, the electric actuator must choose a fair one. Torque range.

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