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What are the main functions of fine electric actuators

- Aug 02, 2018 -

Fine electric actuators are used in many automation industries today, making work easier and more efficient. So how much do you know about the main functions of a small electric actuator? The following is a small series to introduce you to the main functions of a small electric actuator:

BYS-20 fine electric actuator

1. Ability to give signal failure judgment and protection.

2. Location transmission signal failure judgment and protection function.

3. Electronic travel limit.

4. Can handle the judgment of the valve cartridge.

5. Instant anti-reverse.

6. Automatically adjust the direction of motor rotation.

7. The point function is accurate.

8. Position detection installation guidance function.

9. Manual operation and automatic operation switching function.

10 can automatically adapt to the positive and negative operating mode functions.

The above is the main function of the small electric actuator. I hope this article can effectively help the users to better understand the small electric actuator.

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