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The electric actuator industry is becoming more and more competitive

- Aug 02, 2018 -

With the development of China's economy, the competition among various enterprises has gradually intensified, especially in some industries. For example, in the electric actuator industry, the industry is mainly based on small and medium-sized enterprises, and some of them are leading brands. So, there are people who produce what they produce. Some electric actuator companies even hit the price war, deliberately lowering the price to make the profits of the entire industry decline, and the behavior is very bad. Of course, China's electric actuators are fiercely competitive, and there are many reasons for their poor quality. Among them, overproduction is a big reason.

Q941F electric ball valve

So how to make the competition of domestic valve companies less? Xiaobian here are several ways:

1. The electric actuator industry is generally a labor-intensive industry. In response to this, some valve companies must turn to technology-intensive industries. This has the potential to improve and develop stably.

2. It is not easy to export products to foreign countries, because some electric actuator technology in China is very backward compared with some foreign products, but we have a very high advantage, that is, the price is cheap and the cost performance is high.

3. Create a brand and increase your visibility. We know that there are many electric actuator manufacturers in China, the quality is very good, but there is no brand of their own, so in the highly competitive market, the form is very unfavorable.

The fierce competition in the valve market not only makes the industry's profits low, but also makes the products have no quality guarantee. Therefore, some domestic valve companies must analyze their shortcomings and take corresponding measures, and at the same time build their own good brands and guarantee the products. Quality, then the competition in the electric actuator market will naturally be much smaller.

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