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How to eliminate the oscillation phenomenon of electric actuator

- Aug 02, 2018 -

Electric actuators are widely used in the industrial industry because of their small size, high efficiency and suitability for a wide range of operating conditions. However, in actual use, due to improper operation, various faults occur, such as fine electric actuator oscillation problems.

Talking about the relationship between small electric actuator and valve

When a small electric actuator oscillates, it will damage the stability of the system, and there will be many failures. In order to eliminate this failure, a reasonable analysis should be performed. There are two main types of actuator oscillations, namely mechanical oscillation and electrical oscillation.

The mechanical oscillation is mainly caused by the self-locking of the servo motor output shaft and the inertia self-locking characteristics. The electrical oscillation is caused by the small loop oscillation of the actuator breaking through the rectifier diode.

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