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How to connect the explosion-proof electric actuator

- Aug 02, 2018 -

Explosion-proof electric actuators need to be properly installed and wired before they can be used for normal use. How is the explosion-proof electric actuator wired and how to install it before wiring?

Explosion-proof electric valves require regular maintenance

Explosion-proof actuator installation: Pipe connections are made after the actuator and actuator mechanisms are first connected. The actuator mechanism is very complicated, and it is related to the accuracy of the valve, so it is impossible to collide, so as to avoid loosening of the internal structure and affecting the accuracy of the actuator. Especially for the installation of some large actuators, it is important to pay attention to this.

Explosion-proof electric actuator wiring:

When wiring the actuator, pay attention to the points. The more important one is the pressing device at the incoming line of the junction box. The pressing device is applied to the wiring of the power cable and the control cable respectively, so some parameters, such as height and size, must meet the requirements and specifications when wiring. When wiring, be sure to install the wiring diagram to operate. When ensuring the installation height is reasonable, be sure to use the lug to connect the wiring screws.

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