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Fine small valve electric device industry is increasingly competitive

- Aug 02, 2018 -

At present, the fine small valve electric device has basically formed a form of state-owned, joint venture, collective, individual, and shareholding in the Chinese market. With the increase of various manufacturers, the competition is becoming more and more fierce. What are the competitive pressures faced by the current small and small valve electric devices?

Potential entrants, product substitutions, supplier selection and bargaining, and buyer choices in the industry have become the pressures on small-sized valve electric devices.

Enterers in the industry

Fine small valve electric devices are more important equipment in the industry, so many foreign products have technical advantages, but they are high in price. In order to guarantee the quality of production, some manufacturers often choose imported products. Generally speaking, most users tend to choose well-known products, which leads to the high quality of the industry entrants and impact on existing actuator products.

Product is replaced

Nowadays, technology is more and more developed, and product innovation is high. Many old actuator products are currently facing elimination.

Supplier selection and bargaining

The sales of fine and small actuator products are inseparable from the suppliers, and the current competition in the market is fierce. Suppliers often choose high-margin products, which is very unfavorable for the company's cost reduction.

Talking about the relationship between fine small valve electric device and valve

Buyer's choice

When many users choose equipment, they often have demanding requirements in terms of price. They have low product prices and excellent performance. This is the reason why some imitation products in the market are better than genuine ones.

These are the competitive pressures facing the current small valve electric device industry.

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